Estate Planning

Estate PlanningA Will is not Enough

  • A Will DOES NOT avoid Probate Court.
  • A Will is nothing more than your instructions
    to the Probate Court Judge.
  • Probate isn't as scary as it used to be, but, it is:
    • Costly
    • Public
    • Time Consuming
  • Every interested party has a right to contest a Will.

Living Probate

  • Living probate is the "other side" of Probate Court.
    • Who has control of your assets in the event you are disabled?
    • Who has the ability to make your medical decisions if you are disabled?
  • Powers of Attorney avoid the necessity of "living probate."
    • A General Durable Power of Attorney gives someone YOU appoint, the ability to manage your assets if you are disabled.
    • A Patient Advocate or Medical Power of Attorney allows someone YOU appoint to make your medical decisions.

Trust a Trust

  • There is no better way to manage your estate if you are disabled, avoid probate, and control distribution of your estate once you are gone.
  • Trusts are flexible.