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Detroit, Michigan Long Term Disability Lawyers

If You Need Assistance, Advice, or Representation in a Civil Matter, We Look Forward to Hearing From You

Serafini, Michalowski, and Derkacz & Associates, P.C. is a full-service law firm experienced in assisting clients in a broad variety of civil matters. We have offices conveniently located in Sterling Heights and West Michigan to serve clients across Michigan with both transactional and litigation issues, in both personal and business-related matters.

At Serafini, Michalowski, and Derkacz, we pride ourselves on providing personalized services tailored to each individual client’s needs. We do not limit our practice to just a narrow range of legal matters. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced across a broad swath of practice areas, which enables us to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and to serve their needs in a wide variety of personal and business problems and issues as they arise.

When our clients come to us, they have the confidence of knowing that we can handle most of the matters that affect them, so they will not be sent off to deal with unfamiliar attorneys in an unfamiliar law firm who are not acquainted with their background and their priorities. They trust us to handle their personal and business matters because we truly get to know them and to fully understand their concerns and interests. In this way, we can serve their needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Even more, we work hard to anticipate their needs and to bring attention to important matters they may not be aware of or that they may have overlooked.

Our Firm Can Help With Matters Ranging from Drafting Your Will to Incorporating Your Business

Serafini, Michalowski, and Derkacz & Associates, P.C. can help clients with either personal or professional legal issues, and our experience in these areas also helps when personal and business matters may intersect, such as when an individual who owns and operates a business needs to plan his estate, or is going through a divorce.

When it comes to personal issues, our firm provides the full complement of services related to elder law issues and estate planning, including drawing up wills and trusts, assisting clients with probate processes, and helping to design and draft documents and plans related to elder care such as advanced directives, living wills, annuities, and Medicaid planning.

We can help our clients deal with family law issues, such as divorce and child custody, and assist or represent clients in drafting, negotiating, renegotiating, mediating, or litigating issues related to spousal and child support, division of assets, child visitation, spousal abuse, annulment, adoption, and paternity.

In the area of personal injury, we can assist clients dealing with injuries in the workplace or injuries caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of others. We have extensive experience assisting clients to file, obtain, and appeal both short and long-term disability claims from disability insurance carriers, and can represent clients in personal injury cases based upon negligence, such as:

  • car or other vehicle accidents;
  • dog bites;
  • slip-and-falls;
  • medical malpractice;
  • construction accidents;
  • wrongful death; and
  • birth injuries.

Our attorneys will help clients recover damages for direct medical costs, property damage, and pain and suffering; we also have experience litigating and negotiating settlements that address compensation for loss of income, loss of companionship, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional and physical distress, and long-term medical care for serious, debilitating, permanent injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord damage, or the loss of a limb.

The attorneys at Serafini, Michalowski & Derkacz have extensive experience assisting long-term disability insurance claimants to obtain all of the insurance benefits to which they are entitled, including past-due benefits, from insurers that operate throughout Michigan and elsewhere in the nation, including UNUMProvident, First Unum, Paul Revere, Provident, CIGNA, Met Life, Prudential, The Equitable, Guardian, Berkshire, CNA, AIG, Fortis, Liberty Mutual, National Life of Vermont, Penn Mutual, Mass Mutual, and Northwestern Mutual.

In addition to understanding disability insurance policies, our Detroit long term disability lawyers know the ins and outs of insurance law, including the latest cases and statutory and regulatory developments. We know what your rights are and how to protect and enforce them against insurers operating within the State of Michigan. You can be sure we will keep you informed of all of the rights you have as an insurance consumer, as well as fully understand all the benefits and limitations contained in the terms of your specific policy.

Call the Attorneys at Serafini, Michalowski & Derkacz, P.C.

If your legal needs are within the broad scope of our practice, you can be sure that the attorneys at Serafini, Michalowski & Derkacz are prepared to meet with you and to work with you to provide you with the information, advice, and assistance that will help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We are sensitive to making sure we provide quality representation to our clients in a cost and time-effective manner, and we will make sure that you will know right up front what your legal matter will require and what you can expect from us, with no unpleasant surprises.

Please review our website to learn more about the areas in which we practice to see if our Detroit long term disability attorneys can assist you. If you need help, feel free to call us toll free at (866) 529-3537. We have offices in Sterling Heights and West Michigan for your convenience. Alternatively, you are welcome to use the online contact form right here on this website.

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