Disability Claim Litigation

Your Claim has Been Rejected - Now What?

Your disability insurance premiums have been paid for years and now you have a serious injury or illness. You need to collect your long term disability benefits, but the insurance company refuses to pay.Now what?

What to do?

Don't wait to get help. You need to find a good disability insurance lawyer right away to help you with your claim.

Not all lawyers are created equal . You should find an experienced and competent disability insurance attorney to protect your rights and assist you with your claim. Not all lawyers have the necessary expertise and experience to handle long term disability insurance cases.

Knowledge is power. The more knowledgeable we become about your claim , the better we can evaluate the  denial and develop a plan to make them pay. We obtain your claim file as soon as possible from the insurer to determine what information they reviewed and to gain a better understanding of the reason you have been denied. You can rest assured that your rights will be protected.

We try and get your doctors involved. Your treating physician can provide the most powerful evidence that your benefits should be paid. Many times your doctor is more than willing to help.

If possible, we also try and get your employer or co-workers involved. Many times your employer recognizes that you cannot work and believes you should receive disability benefits. We have found that a team effort most often produces the best results.