VA Releases New Pension Rates

Each year, the VA increases the pension benefit amounts consistent with the cost of living adjustment recognized by the social security administration. For your convenience I have included the projected 2009 pension amounts. The amounts depicted include all benefits provided through the VA improved pension program which includes Aid and Attendance; Improved Pension; Low Income Pension and Accrued Benefits. If you have specific questions about these benefits, feel free to contact our office, especially if you or your loved one resides in Michigan.

2009 Pension Rates
Improved Pension (Effective 12-1-08)

COLA Adjustment 5.8%

Annual Max Basic Rate MONTHLY
Veteran, no dependents $11,830 $985 Veteran, one dependent $15,493 $1291 Veteran, no dep. & housebound $14,457 $1204 Veteran, one dep. & housebound $18,120 $1510 Veteran, no dep. With A&A $19,736 $1644 Veteran, one dep. With A&A $23,396 $1949 Each additional child $2020 $168
Widow, no dependent $7933 $661 Widow, no dep. & housebound $9696 $808 Widow, no dep., with A&A $l2,681 $1056
Surviving child $2020 $168 Vet married to Vet, Both A & A $30,480 $2,540

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