VA Benefits Increase

Finally some good news from Washington which will mean good news for Detroit veterans receiving VA benefits.

After a few years of no increase to non-service connected pension benefits, the federal government has increased the maximum benefit amounts for veterans receiving aid and attendance. The amount of increase is equal to the 1.7% cost of living adjustment for Social Security.

The numbers for veterans receiving aid and attendance effective January 1, 2012 (provided that the Mayans are wrong) will be:

Married Veteran: $2,054.00 Single Veteran: $1,732.00 Surviving Spouse: $1,113.00
In addition, if you are a healthy veteran but pay care needs for a spouse your benefit can be:

Improved Pension Benefit: $1,360.00
These benefits can be provided for veterans or their spouses that need assistance with either home care, assisted living or private duty nursing home care.

If you have more questions about these benefits, or how to become eligible for these benefits, please call:

Detroit and Metro-Detroit: (586) 264-3756 West Michigan: (616) 931-3670

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