The Danger of Drowsy Driving

We previously discussed the dangers of distracted driving. Recently, AAA released another study that suggests that falling asleep while at the wheel is also a more common danger than you might think.

In the study AAA found that 2 out of 5 drivers admitted to having fallen asleep or nodded off while driving. A staggering 26.6% of those questioned in the survey admitted to having been “so sleepy that they had a hard time keeping their eyes open” within the last 30 days. Even scarier, 41% explained that they had “fallen asleep or nodded off” while driving at some point.

The study also looked at accidents that occurred as a result of drowsiness or sleeping. It was estimated that 16.5% of fatal crashes involved a driver that was driving while drowsy. This study suggested a higher percentage than studies done before and suggests to me that this is something where more research is necessary.
This study was done to show just how prevalent this problem is. A study correlating sleeping and car accidents had not been done in 15 years. Instead, studies looking at speeding, drinking and driving and not using a seat belt have been more popular. Statistics like this suggest that perhaps we really need to be looking into the implications of sleeping while driving as a more common problem than previously thought.

Remember, in Michigan even if there is a single car accident, the driver (or anyone else injured) is entitled to make a claim for PIP benefits including Wage Loss, Replacement Services, Attendant Care and medical bills.

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