Summer Safety Part I, Preventing Auto Accidents

The following are practical steps to keeping yourself and your family safe during the summer:


Motorcycles are much more exposed to potential dangers so that most accidents result in death or very serious injury. They also happen to be the hardest to see. The glare of the sun can make them much harder to see. Check your blind spots to your left and right before changing lanes. Look twice for motorcycles coming at you from the opposite direction before turning left. It could save a life.


If you are getting ready to turn right at a stop light or pulling out of a driveway, always check the side walk to your left before moving your vehicle forward. Bicyclists and pedestrians are out during the summer and can approach your vehicle to your right very quickly. Your attention may be focused on to your left for a break in traffic or the roadway for a break in traffic. Do not forget to look up and down the sidewalks for bicyclists and pedistrians, which may by moving nearby.


Slow down and pay attention to the construction signs. As a rule of thumb, traffic conditions can change quickly in a construction zone, so SLOW DOWN and leave extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

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