SMDA client SG suffered devastating and life altering injuries in a head on highway speed collision on May 15, 1987. She was found under the dashboard and life flighted to the hospital. She was insured with State Farm at the time of the collision.

During the ensuing years, SG and her family noticed that she developed progressively worsening tremors. She was eventually diagnosed with Dystonia which is a neurological movement disorder that causes sustained muscle contractions where her muscles will spasm to the point that her body twists involuntarily or engages in repetitive movements or she is paralyzed in abnormal positions for extended periods of time without advance warning.

SG’s doctors determined that her condition was due in part to the devastating injuries she suffered in the crash and that she needed help to care for herself when she suffered these tremors. State Farm refused to honor the claim. State Farm again hired a number of highly paid and frequently used doctors who examined SG and not surprisingly testified SG’s problems were not related to the crash.

SMDA filed suit and after a 3 week trial the jury determined that SG’s Dystonia was related to the car crash and ordered State Farm to pay for her accident related medical care. The jury did not believe the testimony offered by State Farm’s highly paid and frequently used doctors.

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