Slip & Falls

As the law stands right now 90% of all slip and falls on another person’s property, commercial, private or otherwise, are not compensable. There is simply no liability. The growing concept known as open and obvious, expands to every hazardous condition that can be seen upon causal inspection, including the presence of ice and snow.

If you slip and fall on ice and snow, regardless of the condition or your injury you will likely have no cause of action. There is no duty by the premises owner to clean up the ice and snow in order to make it safe for public travel. However, there can be some exceptions to this law.

So, if you encounter snow and ice, even if the sidewalk is completely covered and you fall you will likely have no recourse for your pain and suffering and even payment of your medical bills. However, before making any decision give our experienced Attorneys here at SMDA a call for your free evaluation!

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