Preventing Auto Accidents, Part II, Summer Safety:

The following are more practical ways to keep yourself and your family safe:


Deadly distractions such as texting while driving are becoming increasingly more common. Texting is an intrigal part of our everyday life. However, is not a harmless action because you have to take your eyes off the road to text and traffic conditions can change very quickly. During that time, a vehicle can pull out in front of you: You may go through an intersection on a red-light: You may not be able to stop in time and rear-end the vehicle in front of you. The person you hurt may not be the other guy, it may be you and your family.


Everytime there is heavy traffic, there always seems to be vehicles attempting to speed past the stopped traffic and pull into the gaps left by semi trucks, in order to try to get to where they are going faster. This is a deadly proposition since it takes a semi-truck much longer to stop then a car, SUV or pick-up truck. It is never a good decision to speed up and get in front of a semi truck and then slam on your brakes for the stopped traffic in front of you. Semi trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Getting hit by a semi truck hauling 80,000 pounds at two to three miles per hour, delivers a significantly powerful blow. It is much different than getting hit by a battery powered toddler car going the same speed.


Always look ahead 12 seconds and adjust your speed according to what you see ahead. Always anticipate what could happen and slow down. As you approach blind intersections or areas where vehicles could be coming out from blind spots, slow down and wait until you can make sure it is clear. Never let another vehicle wave you into traffic, unless you can completely see where you are going. If another vehicle stops to let you in and is blocking your view, wave them on. Never ever proceed into traffic if you cannot see.

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