Post-Divorce Checklist

Once your divorce is final with the Court, there are several things you should do to wrap up any lose ends. Below is a checklist of some post-divorce issues you may encounter:

1.) Look after your credit. Cancel joint credit cards, and ensure that you are aware of all of your old and new obligations.

2.) Update your estate plan. Ensure that you have removed your ex-spouse from your Will, Trust, and Powers of Attorney – both as a fiduciary and as a beneficiary.

3.) Change beneficiary designations. Update insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts, etc. to reflect a new beneficiary of your choice.

4.) Split retirement plans according to the terms of your divorce settlement agreement. Most of the specifics should be handled through a QDRO, but ensure that you do this as soon as possible.

5.) Ensure that you know how to receive your spousal and child support/or that your employer has the required orders to fulfill your support obligations.

6.) Sell or refinance the marital home.

7.) If you no longer have health insurance, look into health insurance options and ensure that you are covered.

8.) Create a budget as a single individual. Your household income and expenses will likely be completely different than they were when you were married; thus, you will need to make a new budget to ensure that you can fulfill all of your monthly obligations.

Hopefully, after your divorce, you will be able to move on and adjust to your new life rather seamlessly. However, if your ex-spouse is not fulfilling their obligations under the judgment, contact the attorneys at SMDA, P.C. to discuss enforcing your judgment.

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