Ottawa County and Kent County Seniors and Veterans Have Options

Serafini, Michalowski, Derkacz and Associates, P.C. can provide seniors, veterans and their families with long-term care and benefit planning. Moving into the West Michigan area in order to assist families and seniors with their care-giving needs, the firm will provide expert legal advice to sole elder law and other legal problems.

Most effective planning begins with estate planning. The key to creating eligibility for aid and attendance, homebound pension, and Medicaid benefits begins with creating “elder law friendly” power of attorney documents. An elder law friendly power of attorney has specific planning clauses that allow a nominated agent to create irrevocable divestment trusts; and, to allow divestment strategies, to protect and preserve assets to supplement the quality of a loved one’s care while preserving eligibility for benefits.

If you are a senior and have existing power of attorney documents, it is important to make sure that they are “elder law friendly” and that they comply with new Michigan law. New Michigan law, effective in May of this year, provides new power of attorney rules that will affect you and your estate planning. If you haven’t had your documents and estate plan recently reviewed, it is crucial that you do it now.

Seniors, veterans and their families living in Grand Rapids, Zeeland, Holland or West Michigan that need assistance with long-term care planning, for assisted living, nursing home and home care now have planning options available to them through our office in downtown Zeeland, Michigan.

Remember, if you need assistance with veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, or long term care planning…

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