MIchigan Veteran’s Concerned with VA Benefits

Recent headlines indicate that there will be significant changes with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). If you are in metro Detroit or the Grand Rapids area, we can help explain these changes.

Many of these changes are caused by the backlog of applications for “service connected” pension benefits and healthcare benefits. A recent article in the Washington Post suggests that the problem not only exists within the Department of Veterans Affairs but extends into the Social Security Administration and other governmental agencies.

Despite the backlog, the federal government through the president’s executive order maintains that applications for “non-service” connected benefits, including improved pension and aid and attendance benefits will continue to be processed in a timely fashion.

The executive order entered in 2012 did many things. In addition to reallocating resources within the VA to process new applications for non-service connected benefits, the VA also eliminated the need to file the annual Expense Verification Report (EVR), formerly an annual requirement for continued eligibility.

For now, you can reasonably expect that most non-service benefit applications will be processed in under six (6) months, if they are filed timely, are complete, accurate, and prepared using the services of a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) or accredited agent.

If you need assistance with an application for non-service connected benefits, improved pension benefits, or aid and attendance, our firm can help locate an accredited agent, VSO, or assist you with the application itself for no charge.

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