Filing for Divorce in Oakland County?

If you are a party to a divorce case in Oakland County, and you have minor children, you will receive notice of your Early Intervention Conference (EIC).

The EIC is the first hearing held on divorce cases involving minor children. The EIC is held at the Friend of the Court 56 days after the filing of the Complaint. The case is heard by the Referee assigned to the case. Both parties and attorneys must attend.

The EIC provides the Court with a summary of the case and status. If needed, your Referee may refer the matter of child support, custody, and/or parenting time for investigation and recommendation.

Immediately following the EIC, the parties are required to attend the SMILE (Start Making It Livable for Everyone) program. The program assists parents to better understand how conflict existing between them affects their children, how to communicate on a positive level, and how to be flexible and compromise as co-parents in making decisions about their children.

If you have any questions regarding your EIC, contact the family law attorneys at SMDA.
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