Family Law Case Codes and what they mean.

There are several case codes that you should be familiar with when filing a family law case. The court will require different standards of proof and different procedures, depending on which type of family case is filed.

DP – A DP case is a case to establish paternity. A paternity case can be filed by either party, who is looking to establish paternity, either to initiate child support or parenting time. A paternity case is not necessary if a father is on the birth certificate, or has signed an affidavit of parentage.

DC – A DC case is filed by unmarried parents, who are looking to establish custody and/or parenting time.

DS – A DS case is initiated to establish child support. A DS case can be initiated by a parent or by the State.

DO – A DO case is a divorce case without minor children.

DM – A DM case is a divorce case involving minor children. A DM case will establish custody, parenting time, and child support, as well as, property distribution and spousal support.

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