Divorce Statistics

Highest/Lowest Divorce Rate by State:
The State with the highest divorce rate is Nevada, with 14.7% of marriages ending in divorce.
New Jersey, on the other hand, has the lowest divorce rate, at only 9.1%.

Top Reasons to Marry:
1.) Love,
2.) Making a lifelong commitment,
3.) Companionship,
4.) Having children, and
5.) Financial stability
Top Reasons to Divorce:
1.) Lack of commitment,
2.) Too much arguing,
3.) Infidelity,
4.) Marrying too young, and 5.) Unrealistic expectations
Average length of first marriage before divorce: eight (8) years.
Average time between divorce and remarriage: 3.8 years.
Average length of second marriage before divorce: 8.5 years.

Women in Divorce:
About one in five women fall into poverty after divorce.
Three out of four divorced mothers don’t receive full payment of child support.
About one in three women who own a home and have children when they divorce lose their homes.

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