Compliance with Michigan Executive Order 2020-21

In compliance with the governor’s order regarding shelter in place and stay safe at home policies, the firm has implemented the following policies consistent with Executive Order 2020-21.

Pursuant to Section 4 paragraph (b) the firm has identified its essential employees necessary to conduct minimal business transactions, like banking, payroll processing, employee benefits and ensuring that those of us that are working from home have the ability to work remotely.   Each designated employee has a “transit letter” within his or her possession.

For compliance with the executive order the following information is available:

  • Each shareholder/partner shall be present at the office during limited times and alternating in the days each is present.  This is necessary to process checks, payments, and to provide support to other employees working remotely.  Non-shareholder attorneys will be working remotely and shall not be present in the office.
  • Our office manager shall be present during limited hours during the day to assist with minimal business transactions including payroll and banking.
  • Only one of our two remaining working administrative assistants shall be present in the office during limited times to assist with processing mail and supporting the other attorneys working from home.

To protect the privacy of the individuals working in such capacity, government officials and or authorities may contact the firm.  This notice is intended to comply with Executive Order 2020-21 4(b) which provides:

“Businesses and operations must make such designations in writing, whether by electronic message, public website, or other appropriate means. Such designations, however, may be made orally until March 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm.”

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