Charlie Sheen’s Custody Issues

Celebrities such as Charlie Sheen seem to constantly be in the news while their divorces or custody battlestake center stage. One wonders if that’s the way these celebrities like it while the average person doesn’t want anyone to know his/her business.

In Sheen’s case, the unfortunate scenario appears to be a situation where both parents have had their share of problems. That really puts the judge in a conundrum because the judge’s obligation is to consider any custody decisions in light of what he/she believes is in the best interests of the minor children.

Of course, the law and how it is applied varies from state to state. In Michigan, there are 11 best interest factors for the court to consider. They are all given equal value so even when the a minor child has a preference, that is only one factor. All of the factors must be considered by the court unless the parties can come to an agreement.

In Sheen’s case, no agreement appears forthcoming and each side, despite his/her problems, is fighting desperately for an advantage. What motivates them? Well, in Sheen’s case, he appears to be obsessed with “winning”. What is truly a win for the children is when the parents can agree on an arrangement and when the parents can get along for the long haul. The media has fueled these public battles in a manner that is ultimately detrimental to the children.

Hopefully, Sheen and his divorce attorneys/advisors will stop trying to litigate his divorce in a public forum and the parties will work out a resolution that is truly in the best interests of the children. That would constitute a “win” for the kids!

Resource: Charlie Sheen’s “Goddesses” Focus of Custody Battle, Vancouver Sun, March 3, 2011

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