Bus and Child Safety

Now that school is back in session, bus and pedestrian safety is extremely important.

Here are some tips to keep yourself and your children safe during the school year:

1. For drivers of other vehicles approaching a bus; flashing bus lights on top, Yellow: Slow down. Red: STOP!

2. Teach children to never approach a moving bus. Cross in front of a bus only when the bus is completely stopped and the driver can see them. Even if they are running to catch the bus. Never attempt to cross in front of a moving bus.

3. If it is necessary to cross in front of the bus, make sure it is done far enough away so that the bus driver can see the child.

4. Teach children to use crosswalks with caution and to make sure the driver of other vehicle sees them before they start crossing in front of them.

5. Teach children to use crosswalk signals properly.

6. Make sure vehicles are completely stopped before crossing in front of them.

7. Drivers of vehicles, be mindful of smaller children at bus stops, as they are not much taller than a bumper. Parents can get distracted and children can wander away. If you are unsure, get out of your vehicle and make sure it is clear before backing out of a parking space on the roadway.

8. When visibility is poor or conditions are slippery take extra care in and around schools, cross walks and bus stops where children will be likely present.

9. Teach children to be more cautious when crossing the street when visibility is poor and/or conditions are slippery.

10. Engage in active conversations with your children about these safety issues on a regular basis to keep them mindful of the dangers.

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