Attendance Aid and Care

In Michigan, most veteran’s that I meet with are interested in learning more about a little known VA benefit called Attendance Aid and Care. Frequently, attorneys practicing elder law will refer to this benefit as A&A. This benefit is designed to assist veterans that are suffering from illnesses or disabilities with the cost of their medical care. A& A can become a great benefit for those that are interested in assisted living and home care.

Most veterans are prompted in receiving more information about this benefit while they are considering moving from their homes to a senior residence or after their families decide that they need more help at home. The benefit can provide a significant source of income to assist qualified veterans with their care. For some veterans, this benefit can even “open the doors” to facilities that they previously could not afford based on their regular monthly income.

The benefit is best viewed as a dollar for dollar match for medical expenses incurred by a veteran. It is not a benefit designed to assist a veteran that is otherwise healthy. For more information regarding this benefit, please contact an accredited individual, a military service organization or a well qualified Michigan elder law attorney that is accredited with the VA. If you are in Michigan or have a loved one in Michigan that may qualify for this benefit, please contact our office either by phone or through our website:

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