Are you a Veteran in Michigan and Expecting a Raise?

If you are a veteran in Michigan and expecting a raise or increase in benefits, you may be waiting another year.

VA benefits generally follow the same trend as Social Security benefits. For those of you who don’t know, Social Security benefits will have no increase for 2011. Therefore, it is probably likely that there will not be an increase in VA benefits for 2011.

This obviously touches the lives of many. The Obama administration has proposed almost a 10% increase in funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs, but it is not clear that this will mean any across the board increases in VA benefits in 2011. Much of the $125 billion requested has been allocated to try and address veteran homelessness as well as mental health issues.

President Obama is also interested in overhauling the system used for VA benefits to make it sustainable going forward.

Perhaps an encouraging sign is that Congress is currently considering mailing out a $250 check to all 58 million Social Security recipients. The $250 check is an attempt by Congress to make up for the lack of an increase in 2011.

Of course if you are a veteran or have a loved one that is and have questions, please contact our office.

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