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U of M Shoots Down Guns

A notice to students heading to the University of Michigan this fall - don't bring your firearm with you. In June, the Michigan Court of Appeals held that students, staff, and the general public are still banned from possessing firearms on the U of M campus.

In a 2-1 decision, the Court of Appeals ruled that the school's 2001 ban on firearms does not violate the constitution in a case involving an Ann Arbor resident who argued that the ban did not comply with the Second Amendment. The University successfully argued that, since their campus isn't covered by a state law saying that local governments cannot enact their own gun control regulations, the campus is not violating the Second Amendment by making their own decision on gun regulation.

The campus continues to be gun free this year for all students, staff, and other personnel- save for appointed military officials such as campus security and those who obtain a waiver for "extraordinary circumstances".

Not everyone feels like this judgement was correct, however. For example, Judge David Sawyer of the Michigan Third District Court of Appeals opposed the court's decision, saying that he thinks there is a need for uniformity on gun restriction at a state level, as opposed to a "patchwork of inconsistent local regulations".

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